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4 thoughts on “The Ground Rules

    • Hi Joyce. I assume you’re talking about New Orleans Royal Senseta Hotel – is that correct?

      All the historic houses I wrote about are walkable from your French Quarter hotel.

      If you’re wanting to check out the historic plantation homes located outside of New Orleans (most are on the River Road between NOLA and Baton Rouge), there are tons of bus tours. Just ask in your hotel lobby or visit one of the tour kiosks – there’s one right beside the Cafe du Monde in front of Jackson Square.

      Have a great time!


  1. Thanks much. I am going to be with a tour group and going to a plantation. However, I am arriving hours before anyone else and want to see the historic homes. My son-in-law has been to NO many times and does not think it safe for me to be alone.


  2. Joyce, I can’t advise you on whether to venture out alone or not. You have to feel safe. Your son-in-law is right about not wandering around alone in NOLA after dark.

    I will tell you that I didn’t experience any trouble in the French Quarter by myself during the day. Most of the historic houses have a last tour around 2-3pm anyway, so you’d be out and about during daylight hours.

    Perhaps ask your hotel concierge for advice on when and where are the best places to venture on your own. Or see if they have any suggestions on personal tour guides or one of those walking tours. I’m sure they could advise you.


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