Let’s hear it for a “working” holiday in London

Hammersmith Bridge over Thames

Afternoon on the Thames, overlooking Hammersmith Bridge

For one brief, shining moment (last October), my freelance life actually worked out somewhat in the way I planned.

When I began as a freelance communications specialist four years ago, I had visions of taking my work with me, supporting myself while travelling to interesting locations (both foreign and domestic). I’ve managed to have a taste of this in the past, but last October (yes, I’m just writing about it now – don’t judge me), I spent an entire month in London, UK with friends, while keeping up with my work. It was just as wonderful as I had always imagined.

Hammersmith tube station

Hammersmith Tube station

I’ve been to London before, but usually only for a few days on my way somewhere else. It’s a city where, at any one time, I know at least one or two people living there. (This is what happens when you’re from one former British colony – Canada – and lived almost 5 years in another – New Zealand. Almost everyone you know eventually shows up in London.)

So, what did I do with my month, you ask? Well, and perhaps surprisingly, I actually did quite a lot of paid work for my clients back home. (Though admittedly, I certainly didn’t work all day, every day.) I went on day trips. I wandered around museums and galleries. I took a mini-break to Bristol, and popped over to Hamburg to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a decade.

Pints in Southwark Tavern

Pints in Southwark Tavern

And it all started with a couple of pints of local beer in the Southwark Tavern with my lovely hosts, watching the All Blacks crush the US team in the Rugby World Cup (I did live in New Zealand, after all). Suffice it to say, I felt like I was living the life I have dreamed of. Just for a month. It was a very good moment for me.

More details and pictures of my explorations to come!


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