A brief sojourn to the suburbs

I’m a wee bit envious of my sister and her family who are off galavanting through Europe at the moment. However, to be honest, the capital cities of Europe (and everywhere else, to be fair) are usually at their most insufferable during the height of summer – too hot, too crowded, or too expensive.

Toronto, too, is experiencing much of the same. It is currently 37 degrees with the humidex and the city is awash with Pan Am games enthusiasts.


So, despite my envy of my sister’s trip, it’s better that I’m closer to home in the dead of July. Avoiding traffic and keeping cool.

And bonus: I am house- and cat-sitting in the suburbs,  complete with a car, a lovely back deck, and a full slate of cable TV. Lovin’ it!

I guess I don’t have to go far to have a wee summer break!