A few days in Montreal

Every time I visit Montreal, I am reminded again of its many delights. And then, I’m left to wonder why my visits are so infrequent!

I’m in town for a few days, visiting friends who have recently returned to Montreal from abroad. They picked me up at the 747 airport shuttle bus stop yesterday afternoon, and on our route home, we stopped for some delicious poutine (french fries, cheese curds and gravy – yummmm). I took no photographs of it because, despite its deliciousness, it always looks like such a hot mess.

It just so happens, it was Museum Day (or weekend, actually) where you can go to any of the museums for free. We wandered in to the Armoury – Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, to be precise. What a lovely building. Gotta love those turrets. They had a large display of photographs and documents, as well as rooms with uniforms, personal effects and a really excellent array of old wartime posters.

After a lovely home cooked meal, we went out for a long walk to enjoy the spring weather and take in the sights. Naturally, our route took us past Fairmount Bagel so we could grab a couple dozen Montreal-style bagels to enjoy. More deliciousness. In fact, I enjoyed one for breakfast this morning!

Fairmount bagels

Fairmount bagels

I was on my own today, so I wandered around the St-Denis area, from Sherbrooke to Mont Royal and the little streets and alleys in between. I love the architecture. And the storefronts. And the graffiti. Here is but a small taste:

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be heading down to Old Montreal. More pictures of beautiful and historic buildings to come!