Dumbarton Oaks Gardens: When I need some hope that summer will arrive

It’s springtime in Toronto. That means we get a run of warmish days and enough sunshine to make us hopeful, alternating with days of extremely depressing minus zero degree weather. And even though this kind of weather tease happens every year, these little temperature setbacks always do a number on my mood.

Despite it being only two days until April, it’s been cold recently. Like, wind chills of minus 10 and 12. The forecast for today included snow. It’s made me long for the days of blooming flowers and lush grasses and trees. In the interests of my own sanity, I went back to my photos from last summer’s trip to Washington DC – just to remind myself that one day, we will get to summer.

Welcome to the gardens at Dumbarton Oaks, a green oasis in the city.

Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks

The greenery is impressive, but I really, really liked the Orangerie, attached to the main building, it’s a beautiful walkout to several areas of the garden:

There are so many spots scattered throughout the grounds for resting or quiet contemplation. From gorgeous stone benches and windowed shelters, to mosaic tiled areas and cooling pools.

But what I’d really love to see right at this moment – while it’s 8 degrees below zero – is this lush planted garden, replete with vegetables, flowers and other plants. It just evokes the heat of summer. Can’t wait until we get to this, when I can hit the local farmers markets, and enjoy spending time outside.

Dumbarton Oaks garden

Dumbarton Oaks garden


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