More New Orleans Faves – 2015

So, I already wrote a post on some of my favourite things from my recent New Orleans visit, but there are a couple of things I didn’t manage to squeeze in. So I’ll do so now.

First, my favourite pseudo-haunted house:

New Orleans derelict house

New Orleans derelict house

As my friend S and I were driving out on the weekend, we passed by this wonderful old house, sitting on a corner in all its derelict glory. Faded paint, warped boards, broken and boarded up windows, overgrown trees. And best of all, ivy crawling all over the eavestroughs. The house has good bones, but it’s just on the right side of creepy. Loved it! Looked like something out of a movie.

My new favourite French Quarter building:

Delacroix Corp, New Orleans

Delacroix Corp, New Orleans

I totally love this building. It looks mysterious, the Delacroix Corp building does. No indication of what goes on inside, what they make or do. It reminds me of something out of an old 1940s Film Noir movie with the sign’s lettering, the colour, the symmetry, and the fact that it has an old black lamp post right out front. Fantastic.

My favourite museum visit:

Katrina garage, Presbytere

Katrina garage, Presbytere

The Presbytère, one of Louisiana’s state museums, was one of the most interesting visits. Rather than a formal history of the city or its famous inhabitants over the centuries (you can get that next door at The Cabildo), a visit to the Presbytère acquaints visitors with two of the most influential and important aspects of New Orleans: hurricanes and Mardi Gras.

The entire top floor is all about the party. The history of Mardi Gras, its parades and balls, its costumes and customs. Fascinating. But it’s the bottom floor that really held my attention. It’s dedicated to the impact of hurricanes, most notably Katrina. It showed the entire history of the event, complete with media coverage, social and health concerns, political failures, and the process of rebuilding. Awful histories of desperate, vulnerable people juxtaposed against stories all about the triumph of the human spirit. Leaves an ache in your heart and a fullness in your throat. A must-see, especially since 2015 is the 10th anniversary of Katrina.

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

The Presbytère is pretty hard to miss if you’re in the French Quarter. It’s right beside one of New Orleans’ most recognizable landmarks, St. Louis Cathedral (left).


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