New Orleans sidewalks: tripping me up on a daily basis

If you’ve been watching my Instagram feed, you’ll already know that New Orleans sidewalks are a hazard I hadn’t expected.

The reason for these pedestrian obstacles is the very reason I like walking down New Orleans streets – giant trees. It’s not even very hot these days, and I still love their shady overhangs stretching, reaching across the roads. But the root systems are insane – and wreak havoc with level walkways.

And it’s not like I’m super clumsy. Just the regular amount of clumsy, really. I don’t fall or trip on a regular basis. Back in Toronto, sidewalk irregularities don’t pose a threat to my balance, nor do streetcar tracks (though I’m not a cyclist, partly because of streetcar tracks). Likewise, New Orleans streetcar tracks are beautiful and symmetrical:

New Orleans streetcar tracks

New Orleans streetcar tracks

No, no. These are the hazards I’m talking about. The ones I meet up with every day:

Instead of keeping my head up and looking at my lovely surroundings, I’m forced to look down and attend to the path ahead (maybe that’s a metaphor for my life!?), lest I fall flat on my face. I haven’t actually fallen down yet – but I still have five days left to do so.

Luckily, I’m not driving, so I don’t have to contend with disastrous potholes (a leftover gift of Katrina)…


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