New Orleans: So far, it’s been all sunshine and walking tours

Blue Skies in New Orleans

Blue Skies in New Orleans

I’ve begun my third official morning in NOLA, and once again, it has dawned sunny and warm. This is what the sky looked like on my first morning, and it’s looked exactly the same the last two days! I’m again out on the back porch, enjoying my coffee in only a thin wrap for warmth. It’s so nice not to have to wear boots and a bulky winter coat!

To take as much advantage of the beautiful weather as possible (my first two days here, the temperature got to 24C!), I’ve spent my first days mostly outside. Walking around the French Quarter. Walking around the Garden District. Walking around cemeteries (it’s strangely cheerful wandering around old crypts in the blazing sunshine). Walking around Audubon Park. Walking along parts of Magazine Street.

Frankly, my feet hurt a bit 🙂 But I really wouldn’t trade it!

I’m not sure what today holds. My friend S and I will be exploring via car, so I’ll get to see a whole new section of New Orleans. Maybe Bywater. Or City Park. I’m sure it will include fabulous food, delicious coffee and hundreds more photo ops! Stay tuned.


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