There’s nothing like a really cold day to get you planning your holiday

Waking up this morning to the announcement that it was -32 degrees Celsius  put me in a mood to plan my upcoming trip to New Orleans. Only 2 weeks away, and I really can’t wait to get to a milder climate, if only for 8 days. And then I looked at the 14-day outlook for New Orleans:

New Orleans temperature 2015

Yes, people – that’s a daily high of between 11 to 21 degrees Celsius! Woot! I don’t leave until just after this chart runs out, but I remain hopeful that it’ll be capris and cardigans for my holiday!

This trip to Nola will be different. On my previous visits, New Orleans was just one stop of many on road trips I had undertaken. I’ve wandered the French Quarter and taken a Riverboat cruise. I’ve eaten blackened crawfish, gumbo, pralines and beignets. I went on a Cajun swamp tour. And as a student of history and lover of architecture, I’ve driven the River Road several times between New Orleans and Baton Rouge to see many of the old plantation homes.

What I haven’t done is seen much of the city outside of the French Quarter, but on this trip, New Orleans is the main event. I’ve been scouring websites and the online Lonely Planet guide, and there are so many neighbourhoods, museums, galleries and parks that I’ve yet to visit. Can’t wait to explore.

Here’s what I have tentatively planned (not sure how much of my list I’ll get to, but I’m up for the challenge!) :

Now, I’m off to make another piping hot cup of tea so my fingers don’t freeze up permanently before I get to thaw out in New Orleans. I’m totally ready! (Though not yet packed, of course.)


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