Sometimes even I need to sink my toes in the sand

I sunburn easily. I already have too many freckles. I have light blue eyes, so I squint a lot in the sun. And I come from pale Norwegian and Scottish stock, with redheaded relatives as part of the pack – so, in fact, I’m just not genetically inclined toward strong sunshine. I prefer moderate, temperate weather. I enjoy my vast collection of sweaters and cardigans and winter coats and scarves.

So, as one might expect, I’m not a huge sun and sand person. (I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.)

But occasionally, even I dream of sunshine and palm trees. Like today, when the Weather Network’s forecast for the foreseeable future is “feels like -16” or worse:

December 2014 weather

On days like this, I want to run away and wear sandals somewhere that looks like this:

Los Angeles palms

Los Angeles palms

Or this:

Methinks my escape to New Orleans in late January can’t come too soon! Anyone else planning a sun-filled escape anytime soon?


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