Booked! Looking forward to New Orleans

Is there anything more exciting than booking a trip?

Two months ago I received an invitation from a friend who is temporarily living in New Orleans. (Have I mentioned that I love my friends for strategically placing themselves all over the globe so I may visit them?) She’s clearly a glutton for punishment, since I’ve stayed in her home numerous times in the past in other locations. But invited me, she did. And who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

I’ve been to New Orleans before. Three times, in fact, beginning in my third year of university. But I haven’t been since Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in 2005. And in past, I’ve always driven down south, but this time, I’m heading to Louisiana in an airplane. I won’t be in a hotel this time, but a house. So, new experiences all around.

I am SO looking forward to it!

I hum and haw about travel all the time. I plan. I plot. I research. But until I make that no-going-back move of booking my travel transportation, it’s not real. As soon as my credit card gets involved, however, I have something real to look forward to. It never gets old.

I remember prepping for trips during my early years (when the only travel we did were cross-Canada treks to see the relatives in Alberta), which consisted of me and my sister writing down lists of outfits and what we needed to remember to pack. It was so much fun. It fed our anticipation. It didn’t matter that we would be spending five damn long days being bored and scrunched up in a car, and camping with thousands of mosquitos every night. Decades have passed since those family drives to Alberta, but I’m still anticipating trips with the same enthusiasm, the same excitement.

For me, a purchased plane ticket, and a trip to look forward to, is the best feeling in the world.


4 thoughts on “Booked! Looking forward to New Orleans

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