Niagara Part II – Still Beautiful in Winter

I promised to share photographs from my recent trip to Niagara, so here they are. Sadly, all I had was my phone with me, and we were hampered by wind and cold and mist. However, they still manage to show the beauty and majesty the Falls.

Even though it was only mid-November, it was unseasonably cold. Poor Buffalo had several feet of snow (unlike Niagara, which probably had a few centemetres). But the cold just made all the surrounding vegetation a kind of icy white – it’s the mist from the Falls that does it. So pretty. It was worth walking against the bracing wind to get down to that railing.

We also indulged in a quick restorative at Jackson Triggs winery, where we sampled some reds before they closed down for the evening. I’m not a huge fan of ice wine, but a touch of Cabernet Franc ice wine with a splash of bubbly is an absolute delight. Naturally, I had to purchase a small bottle…

I’ll say it again: I love Niagara in every season. Even without leaves and grapes, the vines of Jackson Triggs look rather stunning in the golden light of twilight. More pretty:

Jackson Triggs vines

Jackson Triggs vines



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