Toronto makes Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities for 2015. Wait, really?

The clever people at Lonely Planet are really talented at writing copy, taking photos and making videos that give me the itch to travel, to explore new places, to go see everything. Witness their recent teaser video for their 2015 Best In Travel lists:

(If that video doesn’t make you want to run out and buy a round-the-world ticket, I’m not sure anything would.)

Low and behold; my own home of Toronto made it to Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities list for next year. I was a bit startled. I know we’re hosting the Pan American Games in 2015, but it’s still mildly surprising.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I totally love my city. It has its problems, of course. (Don’t get me started on our recently ex-mayor. Or on transit. Or road construction. Just don’t.) But Toronto has always struck me more as a great place to live rather than a great place to be a tourist in. Clearly, Lonely Planet disagrees with me. I’m happy to be wrong in this instance.

Check out the entire Lonely Planet Top 10 cities, regions and countries for 2015 here. I’m making my wish list now…


4 thoughts on “Toronto makes Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities for 2015. Wait, really?

  1. why not Toronto? We’ve got such a diverse, rich, vibrant city. crack-smoking ex mayors, awful transit, and never-ending construction would only affect townies like you and me 🙂 But if I was a visitor, I would definitely note the friendly faces, clean streets (other than Dundas and Parliament), bars, top restaurants, and hello we’ve got a giant phallic shaped tower! can’t beat that 😀

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    • I agree with you – there is much to see and do! Especially that giant phallus on Front Street. But I find so many visitors I speak to don’t get past the big tourist attractions to the stuff I really love in Toronto.

      I suppose it was just a surprise to see my home town on the list. I always think of it as a great place to live rather than visit. But that’s probably ’cause I live here 🙂

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