Toronto Free Hugs Project

I’m going to take a bit of a departure today to share something special. I’m half way through a continuing education digital media strategy course at the University of Toronto, and we were tasked, in groups of 5 or 6, to make a sharable video on any topic we wanted. So we did. Introducing the Toronto Free Hugs Project:

I liked how happy the hugs made everyone. We came bouncing back to class with our footage, but soon became weighed down with the technology, details and time constraints (or maybe it was the bad 1960s-era institutional lighting). But we got it done, and were then treated to a veritable film festival of shorts by other groups. Great way to end off the assignment.

Unlike lots of group projects, this one was quite fabulous. Everyone was a motivated contributor (though our team lead Work|Life|Freckles had the lion’s share of the movie editing – you rock, E!), and I can safely say we bonded over the experience. Well done, my digital strategy peeps!


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