A Free Couch in New York is Next to Priceless

I’ve been to New York City many times. I love it. Utterly. Fast-paced and exhausting and endlessly interesting. I love the history, the architecture, the shopping, the parks, the people, the subway…and just wandering around neighbourhoods soaking up the atmosphere. And the food, too, of course.

I’m also a huge fan of the museums and galleries. I think the Guggenheim is my favourite. The building alone is worth the visit. The Kandinsky exhibition a couple of years ago was particularly wonderful. And last time I was in town, I visited a new one for me – the Museum of New York City, which was all kinds of interesting.

On the last two visits I’ve made to NYC, I’ve stayed with my (relatively new) friend S.M. in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It’s right near the subway. It’s a short walk to very good coffee, restaurants, and shopping. Perfect. It’s always better to stay with friends when you travel if you possibly can – not just for the cost benefit, but for the camaraderie, and the NYC tips. If you have a friend anywhere in New York City, my advice is to visit them and treat them extremely well!

Big news! My lovely friend is on a plane right now on her way to visit Toronto, and she’s staying with me. Very exciting…and I’m so happy to be able to finally reciprocate her hospitality. Let’s hope she likes Toronto at least half as much as I like New York!


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