Graffiti: Revisited

After posting my graffiti post earlier in the week, I happened to run across this picture I snapped during a visit to London in 2013.

London, near Waterloo Station

My friend Liz and I were looking for lunch near Waterloo station after a shopping trip through Seven Dials, when I saw this space, replete with words and images of every description. It seemed to exist mostly for skateboarders and cyclists. And though I wouldn’t try to make a case for this as high art, I thought that its bright colours and haphazard nature worked really well.

I can’t imagine how depressingly dreary this unimaginative concrete space would be if not for the injection of colourful chaos graffiti provides. And now that I look at the picture more carefully, I think I see an enterprising young artistic type (to the back right) making their latest contribution. Well done!


2 thoughts on “Graffiti: Revisited

  1. I love this! I lived in London for 7 years and would often wander down to the south bank and listen to buskers, and watch the sun set. This is right in the heart of all that activity. Great shot!


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