Autumn Kicks Ass

My favourite season is autumn. The temperature is still comfortable, but the air is cooler and fresher than in summer. The leaves begin to change, and all those wonderful fall colours emerge. So beautiful. Just look at what Niagara-on-the-Lake looks like in October:


After the showiness of summertime, when everything’s so green and lush, and Torontonians are lazing out on patios and decks as much as humanly possible, there’s something more energizing about the fall. Maybe it’s that it’s the traditional start to our school year. Maybe it’s because it’s no longer oppressively hot and humid. Perhaps it’s the fact that I get to wear a whole new set of clothing (gotta love those cardigans!).

Whatever it is, I revel in it. Too bad it doesn’t last very long. Before we know it, the trees will be bare and dead-looking, the sun will set around 5:00, and we’ll all be bracing ourselves for the onslaught of winter.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Kicks Ass

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